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The best Recipes with rice

On this page you will find a collection of our best rice recipes.

All rice dishes are vegetarian or vegan and therefore purely plant-based and do not contain meat. In this way you not only make a contribution to nature, but can also offer you and your family a healthy and good basis for the future.

Rice is a staple food, especially in Asia, and one of the most important types of grain. It is divided into three categories: short grain rice, medium grain rice and long grain rice.

The healthiest option is Brown ricewhich comes on the market with the inner shell layers and the seedling. These are particularly rich in nutrients and contain the majority of B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals. These healthy layers are sanded off and not included in white rice. Therefore, you should process brown rice whenever possible.


To the Long grain rice include many types of Asian rice such as basmati rice, patna rice and jasmine rice. But the American form of parboiled rice is also becoming more common. With this, nutrients and vitamins are pressed into the interior of the rice grain, making the rice healthier than white rice. However, parboiled rice is not suitable for sushi or risotto because of its special properties, as it is cooked faster and more grainy.

Sushi rice is mostly Medium grain rice and has good sticky rice properties, which are very important for sushi.

Short grain rice can be recognized by the fact that it has a less elongated shape. For example, it is called Risotto rice used because it contains a lot of starch unwashed and is therefore perfect for the preparation of risotto. For rice pudding and other dessert rice specialties, short-grain sticky rice is also often used. It contains a lot of starch, which is not water-soluble and therefore promotes the well-known sticking of the rice grains.

Colorful rice, for example from Thailand, Italy or France is mostly brown rice. It takes longer to cook, but has a stronger taste. Wild rice comes from a different genus of grass, tastes a bit nutty and is cooked similar to the other rice varieties. It's usually not that popular with children.

So if you want to whip up a healthy and quick rice dish for the whole family, try using brown rice. It combines the healthy parts with quick preparation and good taste.

Even more about rice you can read it at Wikipedia.

If you yourself still know delicious dishes made with rice, contact us.

Whatever you're looking for. Recipes with rice, healthy Recipes with rice, or simple Recipes with rice! All displayed here are vegan Recipes with rice or vegetarian Recipes with rice!

Delicious Recipes with rice

Indian Butter Chicken Makhani Vegetarian

This vegetarian butter chicken makhani with vegan meat tastes at least as delicious as your favorite Indian. We worked on it for a long time and now we can finally share the result with you! So creamy, so Indian, so delicious! The original, but vegetarian! It's certainly not a recipe for losing weight, but you deserved it for dinner tonight! 🙂

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Dal Makhani (Indian lentils)

This is how to make your Dal Makhani perfect! ♥ The favorite Indian dish with beluga lentils and delicious spices, similar to a curry. Delicious like in a restaurant!

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Palak paneer with smoked tofu (Indian spinach)

For this Indian speciality Palak Paneer with smoked tofu we use solid smoked tofu instead of paneer (Indian cheese). We find smoked tofu even tastier, and at the same time it is easier to get. With this palak paneer recipe, you can also make easy vegan palak paneer by replacing the cream with soy cream, for example.

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Vegetarian Chicken Korma

With this recipe you can make delicious vegetarian chicken korma ♥ just like at the Indian place! Dreamlike creamy with cashews and Indian spices.

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Chickpea Bowl

This chickpea bowl is balanced and delicious, with lots of fresh ingredients, spices and basmati rice. It's also great for meal prep or takeaway!

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Stuffed peppers vegetarian with feta and mushrooms

Making stuffed peppers yourself is no rocket science - and vegetarian stuffed with feta and mushrooms ♥ a great dish for fans of hearty vegetable cuisine!

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Greek tomato rice

Greek tomato rice is made super easy and a perfect combination of fresh tomato sauce and rice. This tastes just like the Greek!

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Kohlrabi Chickpeas Korma (Curry)

Delicious kohlrabi chickpeas korma curry, a creamy and quick Indian dish with mild cream for the whole family. Perfect with rice or with naan.

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Cooking perfect basmati rice

Here is the recipe for perfect basmati rice ♨ with butter and salt. Cooking basmati rice is easy with these tips! A great side dish, not only with Indian dishes.

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Spelled spinach pan

Spelled is our new rice and this spelled spinach pan is a great idea! The spelled grains have a slightly nutty taste and are a healthy, protein-rich addition to vegetable dishes. They fill you up and are easy to digest at the same time.

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Poke bowl

This poke bowl is a great idea if you have many different types of vegetables in the fridge and are in the mood for a colorful mix! Partly cooked and still warm, partly crisp and fresh and with the roasted kernels even crunchy, it is perfect for every season and easy to vary with seasonal vegetables.

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Yellow Broccoli Paprika Curry (vegan)

Tonight, fancy yellow broccoli pepper curry? Delicious, quick & healthy! Perfect with rice or Indian bread and a treat for the whole family!

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Pumpkin curry with smoked tofu and rice

This delicious pumpkin curry with smoked tofu is practically the sister of pumpkin soup and, with rice or naan, is a quick, warming meal.

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Vegan rice pudding with almond milk

Oh how delicious this vegan rice pudding with almond milk is: a few fresh berries as toppings give this almond rice pudding its own wonderful touch.

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Vegan kale buckwheat pan

Crunchy, healthy and nice and creamy - this is what kale can be like. Combined with buckwheat, which contains vitamins B1, B3 and E as well as calcium, magnesium and iron, this delicious kale buckwheat pan is a great, gluten-free autumn dish!

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Vegan Thai curry vegetables with smoked tofu

Warming and gentle, vegan Thai curry vegetables with smoked tofu, with mild vegetables. If you like, you can also add pea pods or mushrooms or season with a little lime juice. Or leave out the onions for the sake of the children. Many dishes are seasoned with curry pastes - we think a good Thai curry powder also makes it very tasty!

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Vegetable stir-fry with smoked tofu

Colorful, hearty and rich in protein - and all in one pan! This vegan vegetable pan with smoked tofu always tastes good and can be varied again and again. It is important to sear the smoked tofu before the vegetables, then gradually add the colorful parts. The onions can also be cut a little more generously and stay crisp.

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