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veggie burger

We finally have them - the vegan burger patties based on vegetable protein for grilling. We ate them for the first time in America and loved it. And we used this summer to try out our (new) German offer. Here, too, there are delicious patties, the best consistency and favorite taste is best for everyone to find out for themselves. Of course, grilled cheese is always delicious in the Veggie Burger.

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We also often ask ourselves: What am I cooking tonight?

It should be easy, go fast, be as healthy and tasty as possible and taste good for everyone?

It's very easy and you don't have to be a chef! Just let us inspire you.

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No problem! Here at Familie kocht we share the best vegetarian and vegan recipes for the whole family with you.

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All our Favorite dishes, individually rated by you, tested for child-friendliness and how easy they are to cook. Of course, there is also a quantity calculator for the ingredients and detailed information on the ingredients and nutritional information for each recipe.

There is something here for every taste, whether vegetarian or vegan, particularly child-friendly? With rice, potatoes or pasta? Or are you looking for a low carb recipe idea? Also take a look around our categories:

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What should I cook today? Of course, you can also find all dishes with a special ingredient that you may still have at home.

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