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The best Recipes with potatoes


On this page you will find a collection of our best potato recipes.

Potatoes are one of the most important vegetables in the world. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Potatoes belong to the nightshade family, which also includes tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and aubergines.
The most common potatoes are white potatoes with yellow flesh (also called waxy potatoes). They have a high starch content and therefore taste sweet when cooked. The red-skinned varieties have more vitamin C than white potatoes because they contain more pigments (anthocyanins). The yellow-skinned varieties have more vitamin A than white potatoes because they contain carotenoids such as beta-carotene.

If you want to create a healthy dish for the whole family, try using waxy or predominantly waxy potatoes for boiling, baking, frying or deep-frying. Floury potatoes are especially good for mashed potatoes, as they break down easily and can be made into mashed potatoes, which are not only popular with children.

More about the potato you can read it at Wikipedia.

Whatever you're looking for. Recipes with potatoes, healthy Recipes with potatoes, or simple Recipes with potatoes! All displayed here are vegan Recipes with potatoes or vegetarian Recipes with potatoes!

Delicious Recipes with potatoes

Egg ragout with mashed potatoes (egg fricassee)

A super fast and tasty recipe for egg stew with mashed potatoes (egg fricassee)! Creamy mashed potatoes with peas and carrots.

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The best dumplings with mushrooms and cream sauce

The winter meal par excellence for vegetarians- so creamy, spicy and prepared with few ingredients ♥ Dumplings with mushrooms and cream sauce just taste good to everyone!

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Potato salad with creme fraiche and veggie sausages

This potato salad with creme fraiche and veggie sausages is a classic! ♥ Simple recipe, creamy and with a fresh sauce with natural yogurt.

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Spinach pan with jacket potatoes and egg

You probably know this combination from your childhood - a real grandma classic! ♥ But it becomes even more delicious as a spinach pan with jacket potatoes and egg.

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Leek vegetables with jacket potatoes and egg (leek vegetables)

A quick and delicious recipe in autumn - leek vegetables with jacket potatoes and egg ❤ (leek vegetables) on the table in just 25 minutes!

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Fried potatoes with egg (farmer's breakfast)

A kitchen classic that everyone likes! ♥ Farmer's breakfast - hearty fried potatoes with egg. Perfect for breakfast or brunch if you are really hungry!

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Fried peppers with baked potatoes ♥ Pimientos de Padrón

These roasted peppers with baked potatoes are also called Pimientos de Padrón ♥ and are a Spanish specialty! ♨ Perfect with mojo, a Spanish sauce. So delicious

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Baked cauliflower mushroom pan

A cauliflower mushroom pan ♨ Baked with mountain cheese, it tastes as hearty as it is in a restaurant. This goes well with potatoes, pasta or rice ♥

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Gnocchi with peas in Gorgonzola sauce

Gnocchi with peas in Gorgonzola sauce are at the top of the fastest recipes! Melted with cheese ♥ a hearty Italian favorite ♨

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Green asparagus potato casserole

Casseroles are also delicious in spring, especially when they are prepared with a large portion of asparagus - like this green asparagus potato casserole. The green asparagus does not need to be pre-cooked and is extra delicious with cheese gratin!

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Green asparagus with parsley potatoes

Those who are happy to finally be able to eat asparagus again will love this vegan spring classic: Green asparagus with parsley potatoes! Very easy to prepare, with a few ingredients and simply drizzled with good olive oil.

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Potato fennel soup with baby spinach

This marbled potato fennel soup with baby spinach is a real eye-catcher on the table and surprisingly easy to make. The trick is not to cook the spinach, but to mix it freshly into part of the soup at the end. Then both parts are lightly mixed together - the effect is amazing and beautiful.

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Wild garlic cottage cheese dip with boiled potatoes

The short wild garlic season is just beginning. Reason enough to conjure up fresh wild garlic cottage cheese from a bunch of wild garlic! The yoghurt makes the dip more liquid and is therefore perfect with boiled potatoes.

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Ayurvedic vegetable cream soup with poppy seeds

This vegan, Ayurvedic vegetable cream soup with poppy seeds is the perfect dinner to relax the body from the day and to give it important nutrients so that it can recharge its batteries at night. The combination of spices is warming and provides that special note.

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Potato soup vegetarian with sausages

This classic is an absolute hit with the kids: Vegetarian potato soup with sausage! Potatoes, carrots, and your favorite wiener - that's all you need. So get to the potatoes and start peeling!

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Fried potato noodles with sauerkraut

Almost nothing is made easier than fried potato noodles with sauerkraut - a real classic! The result is so delicious that it is not only loved in southern Germany. With a little fruity paprika and soy cream, it is simply the perfect combination if you are really hungry on cold days.

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One Pot Cauliflower Curry

The one pot cauliflower curry is easily prepared in one pot - just one pot! The combination with potatoes, Indian spices and coconut milk is nicely balanced. The One Pot Cauliflower Curry can be prepared well and can be "spiced up" with chili powder for adults.

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Vegan seitan red cabbage feast

At Christmas we like red cabbage and croquettes. With homemade seitan and dark sauce, it becomes a festive, vegan seitan red cabbage feast. Instead of seitan, you can simply use one of the other vegan alternatives. A sliced or vegan fillet also goes very well with it and goes even faster.

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Creamy carrot vegetables with mashed potatoes

Carrot vegetables at their most delicious. There is almost nothing like the sweet taste of fresh organic carrots! We had them again today in our "green box" and processed them directly. It's important not to nibble away too many carrot slices on the way to the crock pot, because cooked with a little parsley and a dollop of cream, they're even more flavorful. Fittingly, mashed potatoes are the number one food of choice in our house, ahead of pasta. Add hearty sautéed tofu wieners to make it full-flavored. Tonight, recreate our recipe for Creamy Carrot Vegetables with Mashed Potatoes!

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Vegetarian goulash

Our vegetarian goulash with potatoes and peppers takes a little patience to cook, but tastes super delicious and can be eaten in larger quantities for several days. It becomes even tastier when it is a little cooked through.

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Emperor vegetables recipe with mashed potatoes and egg

A colorful mix that children like to have on their plates: this imperial vegetable recipe with mashed potatoes and egg contains roughly equal parts of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. It can also be prepared by yourself and frozen in portions. If you have to go quickly, an organic frozen mixture is a good alternative. With homemade mashed potatoes and quartered eggs. Et voila, your favorite meal is ready.

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Vegan walnut and celery cream soup

A great vegan walnut and celery cream soup for the cold season with a wonderfully nutty taste. The basis is a vegetable soup, refined with roasted walnuts, which release their aroma into the soup when they are cooked and bring a healthy portion of fats, vitamins and minerals with them.

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Leek cream potato pan

After a long autumn walk, this delicious vegetable pan is just the thing to satisfy the hunger of young and old. It is rich and doesn't taste too leek, even for the children. For the adults, some can be seasoned with chilli salt or chilli powder.

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Vegan fennel potato cream soup

Give fennel a chance - in the vegan fennel potato cream soup with soy cream! Tastes mild and at the same time enriches the soup with a delicious nuance.

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Seitan slices with mashed potatoes

Children like mashed potatoes - and broccoli is usually pretty popular too. To spice up the standard version a bit, we added seitan and mushrooms as a hearty component and seared them well. Seitan strips with mashed potatoes are delicious and so spicy!

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Mashed potatoes with smoked tofu and savoy cabbage

A meal that is pretty high on the children's favorite list - mashed potatoes with smoked tofu and savoy cabbage. Simply because homemade mashed potatoes are included. In addition, mild, healthy savoy cabbage (also provides many nutrients such as vitamin C and E as well as vegetable protein when steamed) and hearty fried smoked tofu. We like to make the mashed potatoes in pairs, simply because you need a little more strength for the rustic potato press. She also makes spaetzle and - tadaaa, spaghetti ice cream at home!

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Vegetable thaler with herbal quark

Vegetable thalers with herb quark are a great way to make vegetables tasty for children in a different way. Basically, they are based on mashed potatoes, which are made pan-ready with eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. Which vegetables you also incorporate can be varied according to the preferences of the family or what is still in the vegetable drawer.

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Delicious baked vegetables with sweet potatoes and herb quark

Our recipe for delicious baked vegetables with sweet potatoes and herb quark, which you can vary according to your personal vegetable preferences. Why don't you cook it up tonight?

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Vegan pumpkin and potato soup

Vegan pumpkin and potato soup is the delicious classic in autumn and is popular with children because of its creaminess and light sweetness. Combined with something hot and exotic coconut milk, it is a pleasure for everyone. If the children don't like spiciness at all, just leave out ginger and chilli in the preparation. The grown-ups can add chilli salt later, for example.

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