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The best One pot recipes

Here you will find our tastiest one-pot recipes for a quick one-pot meal, which - as the name suggests - are prepared entirely in a pot or pan.


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Whatever you're looking for. One pot recipes, healthy One pot recipes, or simple One pot recipes! All displayed here are vegan One pot recipes or vegetarian One pot recipes!

Delicious One pot recipes

Cheese tortelloni with carrots and zucchini

With this recipe for cheese tortelloni with carrots and zucchini, you can whip up a delicious dinner in no time!

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Palak paneer with smoked tofu (Indian spinach)

For this Indian speciality Palak Paneer with smoked tofu we use solid smoked tofu instead of paneer (Indian cheese). We find smoked tofu even tastier, and at the same time it is easier to get. With this palak paneer recipe, you can also make easy vegan palak paneer by replacing the cream with soy cream, for example.

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Swabian "Flädlesuppe" with vegetables

Swabian pancake soup is a regional speciality! ♥ Hearty pancakes, cut into thin strips as a soup garnish. With carrots, leek and celery!

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Cheese fondue homemade without alcohol

In winter, a hearty and creamy Swiss cheese fondue is an absolute highlight. ♥ Easy to make at home with cheese and béchamel sauce instead of alcohol!

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Carrot soup with red lentils

This vegan carrot soup with red lentils and turmeric has a slightly Indian taste, is filling and offers a pleasant, light heat! ♥

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Veggie balls in mushroom cream sauce

Super tasty combination of veggie balls (Köttbullar) made from pea protein, well seared and with mushroom cream sauce! ♥ Simply unbelievably delicious.

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Chinese cabbage pan with soy strips

This Chinese cabbage pan with soy schnitzel is a very tasty source of many vitamins. ♨ It tastes delicious and mild. Perfect conditions for children!

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Oriental chickpea soup with mint

Hearty and warming soups are perfect in autumn! ♥ This oriental chickpea soup with mint is particularly quick, vegan and so delicious!

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Cheese tortelloni with king oyster mushrooms

The recipe for cheese tortelloni with king oyster mushrooms is made in no time, wonderfully creamy and hearty! ♥ A dream for mushroom and pasta fans

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Ayurvedic mushroom pan ♨ vegan

The Ayurvedic mushroom pan is creamy vegan and has a great herbal note. This delicately spicy pan is ready in just 20 minutes. ♥ Healthy and delicious!

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Shakshuka - tomato pan with poached eggs

This Mediterranean shakshuka with poached eggs is a blast! A fruity-fresh tomato pan with feta cheese, refined with delicious spices.

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Delicious parsnip sweet potato soup

Fall and winter are parsnip season! The vegan parsnip sweet potato soup warms and will also delight children ♥ The coconut milk brings extra creaminess!

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One Pot Curry with Chickpeas ♨

This ♨ One Pot Curry with Chickpeas Recipe is super fast and so delicious. Asian noodles, chickpeas and coconut milk, with vegetables. Completely vegan ♥

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Gnocchi with peas in Gorgonzola sauce

Gnocchi with peas in Gorgonzola sauce are at the top of the fastest recipes! Melted with cheese ♥ a hearty Italian favorite ♨

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Omelette wraps with mushrooms and cheese

These omelette wraps with mushrooms and cheese are the best idea for dinner! ♨ Soo delicious, cheesy and hearty, they satisfy every hunger! With mushrooms ♥

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Creamy cheese spaetzle with Gouda cheese

Creamy cheese spaetzle are a classic in Austria, the Allgäu and Swabia ♨ Quick and child-friendly, this delicious recipe ♥ ready in just 15 min!

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Pasta with broccoli and almond butter

Quick pasta with broccoli and almond butter ♨ the highlight of the day! A wonderfully nutty taste due to the light searing of the almonds. ♥ So delicious!

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Noodle pan with oyster mushrooms

The noodle pan with oyster mushrooms ♨ is quick to make and something special, without mushrooms. ✅ The best delicious mushroom pan seasoned with pepper, lemon and cream.

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Cooking perfect basmati rice

Here is the recipe for perfect basmati rice ♨ with butter and salt. Cooking basmati rice is easy with these tips! A great side dish, not only with Indian dishes.

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Vegetable sausages

Vegetable sausages with soy cream ♨ completely vegan! This is the Swabian classic ♥ seared golden brown and refined with vegetables, they are made super easy.

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Flower Sprouts One Pot Wok with Mushrooms

We finally had Flower Sprouts in our "green box" and were able to try these beautiful little florets. Prepared together with mushrooms in a wok, we really liked them and made a delicious Flower Sprouts One Pot Wok from them.

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Summer vegetable soup

This summer vegetable soup has a lot that summer has to offer: potatoes, zucchini, leek and carrots. Maybe you grew some of the vegetables yourself in your garden or on the balcony? With the best organic ingredients, you definitely have a lot of taste on your plate.

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Ayurvedic vegetable cream soup with poppy seeds

This vegan, Ayurvedic vegetable cream soup with poppy seeds is the perfect dinner to relax the body from the day and to give it important nutrients so that it can recharge its batteries at night. The combination of spices is warming and provides that special note.

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Tortellini with Gorgonzola and spinach leaves

Are you in the mood for hearty Gorgonzola again? These tortellini with gorgonzola and spinach are a particularly creamy classic among Italian dishes and you only need four ingredients.

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Fried potato noodles with sauerkraut

Almost nothing is made easier than fried potato noodles with sauerkraut - a real classic! The result is so delicious that it is not only loved in southern Germany. With a little fruity paprika and soy cream, it is simply the perfect combination if you are really hungry on cold days.

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One Pot Cauliflower Curry

The one pot cauliflower curry is easily prepared in one pot - just one pot! The combination with potatoes, Indian spices and coconut milk is nicely balanced. The One Pot Cauliflower Curry can be prepared well and can be "spiced up" with chili powder for adults.

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One Pot Pasta Mushroom Gorgonzola

Tonight One Pot Pasta Champignon Gorgonzola? Sure, of course! A single pot full of enjoyment for the whole family. It has what it takes to become your new favorite recipe!

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Yellow Broccoli Paprika Curry (vegan)

Tonight, fancy yellow broccoli pepper curry? Delicious, quick & healthy! Perfect with rice or Indian bread and a treat for the whole family!

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Vegan chili sin carne

Vegan chilli sin carne is really a quick recipe: soy shreds or ready-made soy mince, with kidney beans and corn, which is very popular with children. It hardly needs more - just give it a little time in the saucepan so that the taste can develop nicely. The spiciness can easily be kept in the basic dish, the grown-ups can still sharpen something up. We like it rounded off with a dash of cream and crispy baguette.

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Vegan rice pudding with almond milk

Oh how delicious this vegan rice pudding with almond milk is: a few fresh berries as toppings give this almond rice pudding its own wonderful touch.

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Leek cream potato pan

After a long autumn walk, this delicious vegetable pan is just the thing to satisfy the hunger of young and old. It is rich and doesn't taste too leek, even for the children. For the adults, some can be seasoned with chilli salt or chilli powder.

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Vegan Thai curry vegetables with smoked tofu

Warming and gentle, vegan Thai curry vegetables with smoked tofu, with mild vegetables. If you like, you can also add pea pods or mushrooms or season with a little lime juice. Or leave out the onions for the sake of the children. Many dishes are seasoned with curry pastes - we think a good Thai curry powder also makes it very tasty!

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Vegetable stir-fry with smoked tofu

Colorful, hearty and rich in protein - and all in one pan! This vegan vegetable pan with smoked tofu always tastes good and can be varied again and again. It is important to sear the smoked tofu before the vegetables, then gradually add the colorful parts. The onions can also be cut a little more generously and stay crisp.

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