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The best Low carb recipes

Here you can find our most delicious low carb recipes for the low carb kitchen. This form of nutrition pays attention to dishes with as few carbohydrates as possible.


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Whatever you're looking for. Low carb recipes, healthy Low carb recipes, or simple Low carb recipes! All displayed here are vegan Low carb recipes or vegetarian Low carb recipes!

Delicious Low carb recipes

Yacón salad with carrots

You can whip up a fresh yacón salad in just 10 minutes with this recipe! Mild and sweet with the right, delicious dressing, the South American tuber tastes simply wonderful!

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Palak paneer with smoked tofu (Indian spinach)

For this Indian speciality Palak Paneer with smoked tofu we use solid smoked tofu instead of paneer (Indian cheese). We find smoked tofu even tastier, and at the same time it is easier to get. With this palak paneer recipe, you can also make easy vegan palak paneer by replacing the cream with soy cream, for example.

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Red cabbage salad with feta & red cabbage salad with apple and horseradish

A recipe for red cabbage salad in two variations: Red Cabbage Salad with Feta & Red Cabbage Salad with Apple and Horseradish ♥ both are super tasty and quick to prepare!

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Quick pickles (flash pickles) homemade in 5 minutes

You don't know quick pickles, also called shake or flash pickles, yet? Then it's time, because this recipe for pickles in 5 minutes is ingenious!

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The best dumplings with mushrooms and cream sauce

The winter meal par excellence for vegetarians- so creamy, spicy and prepared with few ingredients ♥ Dumplings with mushrooms and cream sauce just taste good to everyone!

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Cinnamon stars like from the bakery (vegan with chia seeds)

This recipe for vegan cinnamon stars like the baker's with chia seeds is very easy and the result is simply perfect! ★ Super juicy and delicious with only 4 ingredients!

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Fennel salad with oranges

Fennel salad with oranges and vinaigrette is the winter classic ★ Harmoniously sweet, with a sauce made from apple cider vinegar and oil, with maple syrup.

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Cook perfect Brussels sprouts like at grandma's

Cooking Brussels sprouts and preparing them perfectly is not difficult, the Brussels sprouts don't get bitter and they just taste great! ★ The superfood with crispy breadcrumbs like grandma's. Now cook the recipe!

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Ayurvedic banana lassi with cinnamon & cardamom

The tastiest banana shake we've ever mixed! ♥ The Ayurvedic Banana Lassi smells of cinnamon and cardamom and tastes wonderfully creamy! A perfect smoothie for all seasons.

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Blueberry yogurt with mint made from natural yogurt

Blueberry yoghurt made from natural yoghurt, refined with mint and honey or maple syrup is a quick, tasty and healthy dessert ♥ delicious!

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Veggie balls in mushroom cream sauce

Super tasty combination of veggie balls (Köttbullar) made from pea protein, well seared and with mushroom cream sauce! ♥ Simply unbelievably delicious.

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Chinese cabbage pan with soy strips

This Chinese cabbage pan with soy schnitzel is a very tasty source of many vitamins. ♨ It tastes delicious and mild. Perfect conditions for children!

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Oriental chickpea soup with mint

Hearty and warming soups are perfect in autumn! ♥ This oriental chickpea soup with mint is particularly quick, vegan and so delicious!

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Radish apple salad with cashews

Recipe for a wonderful combination of radish and apple, thinly sliced and refined with cashews and olive and walnut oil dressing ❤ Ready in 10 minutes!

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Stuffed peppers vegetarian with feta and mushrooms

Making stuffed peppers yourself is no rocket science - and vegetarian stuffed with feta and mushrooms ♥ a great dish for fans of hearty vegetable cuisine!

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Shakshuka - tomato pan with poached eggs

This Mediterranean shakshuka with poached eggs is a blast! A fruity-fresh tomato pan with feta cheese, refined with delicious spices.

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roasted chickpeas

Do you fancy a healthy snack? Make delicious roasted chickpeas! Delicious and rich in protein for the next movie night ❤ but be careful: addicting!

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Radish quark with feta

Radish quark with feta and delicious fresh bread ♥ there is nothing better for the evening, especially when it is warm and sunny outside. Nice and hearty

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Fast carrots raw food (GDR carrot salad)

This quick raw carrots is the ideal side dish, because grating and seasoning are done in 5 minutes and spice up every dinner with vitamins. The shredded carrots are much softer than carrot sticks and were therefore an instant hit with our children.

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Lamb's lettuce with homemade honey mustard dressing

Honey mustard dressing is one of our favorite salad dressings. It only takes 4 ingredients that you usually have at home anyway and it goes well with many different salads. In the winter season honey mustard dressing is especially delicious with lamb's lettuce, in summer it spices up tomato and cucumber salads and is perfect for green leaf salads anyway. For our variant, we use agave syrup instead of honey, so the dressing is vegan.

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Green smoothie with lamb's lettuce, barley grass and oat drink

Do you fancy something refreshingly healthy? Then it's best to make a green smoothie with lamb's lettuce. Depending on the season, you can also use other green salads. The smoothie is vegan thanks to the oat drink.

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Grapefruit ginger shot

A grapefruit ginger shot is the best thing you can do for your family in winter to keep them fit and healthy vegan! Delicious power with lots of vitamin C!

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Yellow Broccoli Paprika Curry (vegan)

Tonight, fancy yellow broccoli pepper curry? Delicious, quick & healthy! Perfect with rice or Indian bread and a treat for the whole family!

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Pumpkin curry with smoked tofu and rice

This delicious pumpkin curry with smoked tofu is practically the sister of pumpkin soup and, with rice or naan, is a quick, warming meal.

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Raspberry dream meringue dessert

Have you ever tried a raspberry dream? Nobody can resist the combination of creamy natural yogurt, cream and frozen raspberries together with crunchy meringue pieces and the muesli! It also looks gorgeous! 

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Classic mulled wine recipe with cinnamon

Have you ever made mulled wine yourself? No? It is time! Your favorite red wine will be nicely spicy and round with fresh oranges, lots of cinnamon and cloves. But remember that it needs its steeping time and start an hour in advance. With our classic mulled wine recipe with cinnamon, you can also make white and non-alcoholic mulled wine, which will also make the children happy.

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Greek yogurt with honey and tangerine

Our children would love to have a dessert after every meal, which should be very sweet. We almost always have Greek yogurt or other natural yogurt in the glass in the refrigerator. A glass can be easily divided among a family and beautifully refined and decorated, which has become our little daughter's favorite kitchen work. This means we have much less sugar than in finished fruit yoghurt, a lot of protein and no rubbish, but reusable glass. Our Greek yogurt with honey and tangerine always works!

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Vegan walnut and celery cream soup

A great vegan walnut and celery cream soup for the cold season with a wonderfully nutty taste. The basis is a vegetable soup, refined with roasted walnuts, which release their aroma into the soup when they are cooked and bring a healthy portion of fats, vitamins and minerals with them.

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Vegan fennel potato cream soup

Give fennel a chance - in the vegan fennel potato cream soup with soy cream! Tastes mild and at the same time enriches the soup with a delicious nuance.

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Melon salad with goat cream cheese

This is the discovery of summer - melon salad with fresh goat cheese. So fresh, healthy and delicious! And it's very easy to prepare. Try the amount of goat cheese, the less cheese, the less intense the taste, which is a little more popular with the children. You can also vary "the green": mint, basil or spinach leaves, everything is delicious and always has its own note.

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