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The best Ayurvedic recipes

Here you will find our most delicious Ayurvedic recipes for Ayurvedic cuisine. Why go to India for an Ayurveda cure when you can relax with delicious food at home and a portion of yoga!

If you still have delicious recipes for Ayurvedic dishes yourself, contact us!

Whatever you're looking for. Ayurvedic recipes, healthy Ayurvedic recipes, or simple Ayurvedic recipes! All displayed here are vegan Ayurvedic recipes or vegetarian Ayurvedic recipes!

Delicious Ayurvedic recipes

Dal Makhani (Indian lentils)

This is how to make your Dal Makhani perfect! ♥ The favorite Indian dish with beluga lentils and delicious spices, similar to a curry. Delicious like in a restaurant!

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Golden Milk (Turmeric Latte)

Golden milk (turmeric latte) ♥ So creamy, so cinnamon-spicy, pleasantly hot and with a lot of foam to spoon! Easy recipe for Chai Latte fans!

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Ayurvedic banana lassi with cinnamon & cardamom

The tastiest banana shake we've ever mixed! ♥ The Ayurvedic Banana Lassi smells of cinnamon and cardamom and tastes wonderfully creamy! A perfect smoothie for all seasons.

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Ayurvedic mushroom pan ♨ vegan

The Ayurvedic mushroom pan is creamy vegan and has a great herbal note. This delicately spicy pan is ready in just 20 minutes. ♥ Healthy and delicious!

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Ayurvedic vegetable cream soup with poppy seeds

This vegan, Ayurvedic vegetable cream soup with poppy seeds is the perfect dinner to relax the body from the day and to give it important nutrients so that it can recharge its batteries at night. The combination of spices is warming and provides that special note.

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